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  • Customized website development

    We welcome any customized and tweaked requirements from our valued clients! As a custom web development company, we use all the latest technologies, tools with the highest degree of automation possible in customized development practices to fulfill your customized website requirement in such a way that you get an advantage over your competitors in this growing industry 4.0 era!

  • E-learning solutions

    With the growing requirements of online learning, e-learning businesses have started claiming a share in online revenues. To develop a superior e-learning website with a scalable Learning Management System integrated with it is a very crucial part of the whole process. Adrixus helps e-learning SMEs scale their online presence by helping them integrate smooth and smart market funneling features in their e-learning websites and LMS development.

  • API development

    As an experienced API development company in India, we have a proven track record of developing new APIs and integrating them with the client’s existing complex systems. APIs are the heart of every web application to integrate and interact with multiple forms of data. Adrixus helps you develop a robust and secure APIs from client ideas and concepts. We do provide support and improvements in APIs to make them invincible just like your brand!

  • Product development services

    As a Web and App development agency for startups, Adrixus helps young entrepreneurs focus on the marketing part, where we do the hard work while sitting behind the scenes. Finding capable technical people who can scale your business is not easy and we bridge the gap to give you the best solutions to grow rapidly by providing a helping hand for your product lifecycle!

Case Study


Spreadd is Blockchain based solution for micro or big influencers and companies who want to promote their brand. We are trying to connect Influencers directly to company and tracking every money spent on marketing and maintaining campaign insights using Blockchain.